Banking - Withdrawals

E banking made easy for blockchain experts

E Banking has been made easy for block-chain clients. Due to the rise of Electronic currencies, many companies and individuals have decided on the option of electronic banking. 

1. To Avoid high government taxes
2. Easy transfers online
3. Fast payments -  with just an email address
4. Very large amounts can be transferred without any intermediary control system
5. Instant payments between companies or individuals 

How it works
    Any one who owns an email address can have an e-banking account. All you need to do is sign up on the e-banking site with your email address. You can then use the email address to receive money from anybody on the same platform or you can easily send funds to any one also signed up on the platform.

Note - The e-banking system is not to be used for money laundering as all clients must provide documentation that can be verified.

Cash out through bank withdrawals
   To be able to cash out through bank withdrawals, clients must fulfill certain condition to be rated as not involved in money laundering. This options must be met by any client willing to cash out funds through the bank or credit card.

1. Shall be certified 
2. Shall have a positive crediting history. 
3. Shall have a valid address
4. Must be connected to any other international bank